I am a 27 year old girl from Orange County, California.

I love to cook and bake and it really shows on my figure! -____-

I just had weight-loss surgery so now I still want to eat delicious foods, but wont be able to cook full-fat, carbs, and calories.

I am working to lose another 50-75 lbs! I want to be healthy and toned.

I go to a personal trainer 3x a week and work out on my own 2-3x a week.

I try to take in no more than 700 calories a day. This is unhealthy if you have not had weight loss surgery, but because I have, it is completely OK and they actually recommend about 600-800 calories a day. On my “bad” days, I still try to keep it below 1,200 calories. I let myselt “cheat” one day every 2 weeks.

Will I be able to lose weight AND still eat delicious foods?

We’ll see. 😉



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